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Behind the Lens of Pammie B

About Me

What's Usually in my Bag

  • Canon and Nikon bodies
  • 85 mm lens
  • 50mm lens
  • 24 - 105 mm lens
  • Batteries, batteries and batteries
  • Flash/triggers
  • Some type of diffuser or two
  • Grandmother's coin purse with a grandfathers clock key
  • NYX Devils Food Cake gloss
  • Creativity, awesomeness and fun

Hello, I’m Pamm with 2 M's; your on location photographer!  I am a Tieks meets Louboutin meets Sperry Topsiders type chick and a Gemini! Creativity in two dimensions! I am an East coast girl by way of the Midwest. Living in the Nation’s capital is so extraordinary to me--the sights and sounds, food, architecture, and history! Food and the arts feed my soul but putting the sights and sounds to pictures is my true north! Being able to capture memories that will last a lifetime is my vehicle of choice on this grand adventure called photography!


My parents gave me my first camera, a Kodak instamatic when I was 7.  I learned how to develop and print my own black and white pictures and just recently put that practice to bed. I've had many cameras since that first one, and some life moments and detours along the way that caused me to put the lens down but we’re back! For me, there is an intrinsic happiness that can only be experienced from being behind the lens! My cameras complete me! I am a writer who tells others stories through images.


I am happy to meet you on location, book a studio or fly across the world to capture your memories.  My goal is to offer my clients professional and affordable photography; whether it’s for a wedding or engagement, a child's birthday, family portraits, maternity or newborn sessions, or a specialty boudoir/stylized session.  I strive to provide exceptional client service at a price you can afford.


My photo journey has resumed and I am enjoying every moment! I am hoping to have millions of your memories captured by my lenses once my photo journey ends. I am inspired by the fact that I have the power to create sensory treasures. One day your loved ones, children or grandchildren will have these images, prints and books to look at and recall some special life moments.


Cesare Pavese said “We Do Not Remember Days, We Remember Moments."  I hope you will join me on this journey by allowing me to photographically capture your moments!




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