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Behind the Boudoir Lens

What is Boudoir Photography? And what is all the buzz about?  According to wedding-planning website, Boudoir Photography has become the hot new trend in wedding gifts from a bride to her groom. What could be a more perfect gift for your special someone, than the gift that only you can give? These beautiful, sensual, yet tasteful images are the perfect celebration of romance and femininity. Aside from their popularity as a wedding gift, Boudoir Portraits also make them an ideal anniversary, birthday or Valentine's Day gift. can give the gift of Boudoir Portraits "just because".


Boudoir Photography isn't the same as "nude photography". In fact, we don’t shoot total nude shots.  But what you will see in our portraits is implied nudity. Implied nudity means that the images reflect the sensuality and intimacy of nudity...without anything really "showing". To get an idea of the type of images we produce, think "Maxim Magazine" vs "Playboy".


Our photography duo is an all-female team with experience in portrait photography, and digital retouching. As women, we know very well all of the things that could make our clients nervous or anxious about a Boudoir Photography Session. As professionals, we are adept at calming our clients' anxieties with our experience and level of unique customer service while having a wonderful and fun time.

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