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Let the CLICKING Begin

At my sister's urging that I purchase a new camera and start shooting again, I decided to give in and get back into the photography game. There is not too much more that takes me to my happy place than snapping photos! Well, I never took her up on her offer to trade in one of her old cameras and start again and then my plans were placed on hold and I let other things take center stage! BUT: When the universe wants something for you, it will give it to you as long as you don't get in the way! One of life's worst tragedies happened and out it was given the gift of this camera. [The Lens on the Move!] This saved my life! I was in a state of depression and "stuckness" that nothing could seem to dig me out of and then I started clicking again! I will never ever sell this camera - for it will always hold the memory of Agee Moore, a great man; a wonderful husband to my cousin Michelle who gifted this a some lenses to me after his passing. Love is always around you, except it when it is extended.

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